LensesOnly offers a service you simply can’t find elsewhere – keep your frames and replace just your lenses.

LensesOnly believes in giving consumers the control to create their own value. That is why Steven Abbate established LensesOnly in 2015 as a Connecticut eyewear retailer based on the following three key principles:

  1. Consumers who like their existing frames should be able to get high quality replacement lenses, regardless of the style or manufacturer of their frame
  2. High quality lenses and frames can be available to consumers for less cost than available at other retailers
  3. Consumers want excellent service, a wide selection of top designer frames and choice in how they buy – in person, over the phone, and online

Today, utilizing our in-store, state of the art finishing labs, LensesOnly specializes in lens replacements, giving our customers the option to put new, high-quality digital lenses in their existing frames for 50% less than other retailers. In addition, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality designer frames at the lowest possible prices.

Our wide selection of frames includes styles for women, men and children. We also offer safety glasses, and we specialize in producing lenses for Cartier frames.

LensesOnly is an approved Husky Connecticut provider.

Visit our store locations in Avon, Bloomfield, and Torrington. If you prefer to purchase replacement lenses online, use our Direct Express Service. Or call 860.507.7420 to order replacement lenses by phone.

Where lenses are always on sale.